New interventions and a new direction for Choosing Wisely UK

This month we’ve added a further 10 interventions to our list (Clinician recommendations and Patient health A-Z below). We are grateful to the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists for their contribution to our work on Choosing Wisely. However, while the ethos of this campaign continues to make a positive improvement on the quality of patient care, there have been developments elsewhere we can’t ignore. In April 2019, NHS England launched the Evidence-based Interventions programme with many of the same objectives as Choosing Wisely. At the same time, other initiatives such as Rethinking Medicine are focusing on getting doctors and patients to think about quality of life rather than tackling the symptoms of a disease or condition with a solely medical intervention. There are comparable initiatives in Scotland and Wales. So rather than compete, we thought we’d collaborate. From this coming Spring we’ll be refocusing Choosing Wisely on shared decision making and working with our colleagues across healthcare to drive change in healthcare.


Professor Carrie MacEwen

Chair, Academy of Medical Royal Colleges