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Following the Choosing Wisely principle, all medical royal colleges and faculties were asked to identify five commonly used tests, treatments or procedures, which have questionable benefits to patients and should prompt a careful discussion with patients rather than being carried out without question.

The accepted list of recommendations followed a robust process which was overseen by a clinical oversight committee, comprising senior clinicians and representatives from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence.   Although each college and faculty developed their recommendations independently, the committee evaluated each against the following certain criteria to ensure each recommendation identified is:

  • Supported by evidence
  • Relevant to the Choosing Wisely principles
  • Within the scope of the medical royal college or faculty’s remit
  • Fully consulted on, by specialist clinicians and relevant patient groups.

All Choosing Wisely recommendations are designed to support a conversation between patients and their doctor or nurse. Every patient is unique and so a tailored conversation about what is right for that patient must take place. We are not advocating the implementation of these recommendations in every case, as the test, treatments and procedures will be appropriate for some patients.

Choosing Wisely is an ongoing process and additional tests, treatments and procedures will be added regularly.

The current list of recommendations is separated into college or faculty specialty to help you to identify those that you are most relevant to your specialty.